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Canine Heartworm antigen SRE 32 wells

A monoclonal antibody-mediated ELISA test to detect Dirofilaria Immitis antigen in serum.

Article code: SRE D3213-AG01

Canine Heartworm antigen SRE  32 wells

Principle of the testkit
The Heartworm SRE antigen test kit detects heat stable Dirofilaria Immitis antigens, which is the major course of canine Heartworm in serum samples.

The principle of the test is based on the reaction of two monoclonal antibodies with an antigenic determinant against Dirofilaria Immitis. One monoclonal antibody, coated to the plate, catched the Dirofilaria in the serum or plasma sample after which the other, enzyme-labeled antibody detects the bound antigen.
After incubation and rinsing, the substrate in then added and the optical density is measured at 620 nm or 450nm.

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