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Since a few years the demand for relable fast "in hous tests" (one step) has increased rapidly. Our newest generation of fast test have the following advantages:

  • Ease of use
  • Accurate results
  • Simple "one-step" procedure)
  • Small packages
  • Long expiry date
  • Reasonable price

The sample (serum, plasma, whole blood or feces) is applied on a sample zone of the device. Next, two drops of buffer are added to the sample zone. This results in a specific gold-labelled conjugate that then migrates through a membrane which consists out of a test- and control-zone. The control line should always become visible after 5 to 10 minutes; this is an internal control to check if the analyses are performed properly. 

What happens in a one-step test (example bloodgroup)
Step 1
= Red bloodcell          = Sugar

De one-step test consists of the following components:
Red color = samplepad
Purple color = conjugatepad 
Gray color = nitrocellulose membrane
First line = test line
Second line = control line
Pink color = filter

Step 2
= Red bloodcell          = Sugar

The one-step test contains a Samplepad. A diluted buffer is applied into the Samplepad. 

Step 3
Migration direction
= Red bloodcell          = Sugar

Due to the presence of a moisture-absorbing filter on the upper side of the test strip is there a migration across the membrane.

Step 4
Migration direction
= Red bloodcell          = Sugar

On the membrane is there in the test zone, a line-specific sugar against the appropriate blood type. Onto which if present the red blood cell binds. The test field is located above the control zone. In the control zone, a futher specific sugar is sprayed to bind the other red blood cells. The control line should always be visible as a control for the test. 

Step 5 Read results
Figure 1                           Figure 2                          Figure 3          
  • Invalid (figure 1)
Testline: -
Control line: -
Test line and control are missing. Test should be performed again. EVL offers the service to  confirm this test for free.

  • Bloodgroop B (figure 2)
Testline: +
Control line: +
The testline and control lines are available. This cat has bloodgroup type B.

  • Bloodgroup type A (figure 3)
Testline: -
Control line: +
Only the controle line available. This cat has blood group A.

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