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Small Rapid ELISA (SRE)

These types of Rapid ELISA are available in 32 well format and offer the veterinary practices and small vet labs a range of cost effective high quality tests.

SRE are easy to use and given accurate results. Sample (serum, plasma or faeces) is added to a small well using a disposable pipette. After a short incubation time at room temperature the wells are washed using tap water and emptied. The next step is applying the enzyme labelled conjugate using the dropper bottle to the well. After a short incubation time and washing step the bound conjugate is detected with the use of a substrate solution (TMB).

A colour reaction is visible (the solution turns blue) and after roufhly 10 minutes the result can be read by eye or with the aid of a reader.




 Human (Products for Laboratory Research use only)