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Our products have been ranked best in class by the WHO and are sold in 49 cuntries in the world including Russia, USA, China, Iraq and all European countries. The consistent quality has led to many research and development requests from or example the Research Centre European Vaccines, funded by the European Union and the Benelux, the Belgium and Russian Government.

Our diagnostic platforms have been tested at several universities for example the Glasgow Virus Unit and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam both lead by well known professors in this field. Several product evaluations and our R&D work have resulted in plubications.

A futher indication of the quality of the EVL diagnostic products test was given by Dr.D.Addie from the Glasgow Virus Unit in one of her plubications in which she staded 'This test appears to have higher sensitibity for the detection of FPV than other commercially of available Parvo test, haemagglutinstion or virus isolation.'


 Immunofluorescence assay (IFA)


 Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

 Small Rapid ELISA (SRE)